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We are a team of professionals offering standard-quality carpet installation and fixing Dubai and all over the UAE. We offer skilled repair and installation services at a low price.

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Welcome to, the world’s greatest brand in Dubai and all over the UAE, fulfilling the religious needs of Muslims by offering the most reliable, economical, and sublime services and products.

We also offer quick, reliable, and expert carpet installation and fixing in Dubai and all over the UAE. Our professionals are always ready to serve you. Consult our expert staff today, and get our services with a single phone call.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

The time required to install a carpet varies depending on the size and degree of operation. On average, it can take from a few hours to an entire day.

Measurement and planning, prepping the subfloor, cutting and fitting the carpet, stretching and attaching it, and lastly trimming and completing the edges are the typical processes in the carpet installation process.

Vacuum frequently, immediately treat spills or stains, use proper carpet cleaners, place doormats at entrances and consider professional deep cleaning every 12-18 months for optimal care.

The ideal sort of padding for carpet installation is determined by various criteria such as the carpet type and desired level of comfort. Rebond foam and rubber padding are all popular possibilities.

Yes, it is normally advised that furniture should be moved before carpet installation. Clearing the area makes installation easier and more efficient, assuring a correct fit and minimizing potential damage to the furniture or carpet.